Flavour x Semah - MERCY (Official Audio) ...Be Ready For Goosebumps!

Listen! This young man Semah G. Weifur has come a long way with his mentor Chinedu Okoli aka Flavour. They collaborated on yet another spiritual, uplifting song titled 'Mercy'. 

I noticed that the voice of this visually impaired young man has evolved (matured) but it still got that strength that pulls you in spiritually.  I am so glad he still working with Flavour to provide us listeners with gospel songs that feel that spiritual void. Okay this is the third time I'm mentioning the word 'spiritual' but y'all get what I mean, right? 😝 Don't mind me...Check out the song and be covered by the mercy of God.

Do you all still remember this song? 👇👇

Still my favorite 💗💗💗

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  1. Wow he has grown so much ( from the picture on the audio) I still love the other one too. But this is nice.


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