Funny Comments About No Guidance by Chris Brown ft. Drake...Chris Ain't Cancelled yet?

After how Chris Brown disrespected dark-skinned women, I don't really care for him🙄I never cared before but whatever 🙄 Anyway, Drake was just hilarious in their new collaboration in 'No Guidance'. They temporarily put their differences aside to make this song which is a good thing.

The genesis of their beef is here. In the song they had a dance battle. Chris brought the skills and Drake brought the funny (and skills too 😜). Very creative but check out these comments though...
Even Rapper Wale had to chime in...
This one 👇 had me laughing out loud! 😂😭😂😭😂
So SPOT ON!!! That 👆 made me glad!😛😜😝

If you care about the song you can check it out here...

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