Tekno, As A Father, You Are So Wrong For THIS!

Tekno Miles (photo credit: @teknoofficial)
Nigerian musician, producer, performer Augustine Miles Kelechi popularly known as Tekno was seen in a video where he was seated in a 'glass-sided lorry throwing money at women dancing around a pole in their underwear'...

After denying accusations that it was an advert for a strip club, he later released an apology...


The apology is just a total contradiction. It could have stopped at the first sentence on the second paragraph. As a father of a daughter, why allow women dressed like that be in your presence? To me Tekno showed no regards or respect for women. Report says that he turned himself in for questioning and later released. I hope those women were reprimanded as well. They should be ashamed of themselves😞 Y'all are so wrong for that.

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