Is Speed Darlington Out of Line With His Threats Towards Tunde Ednut?

Talk about starting the New Year with negative energy. Speed Darlington, a Nigerian recording & video artist and popular Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut were going at it on social media all because Tunde claimed he discovered Speed Darlington and made him who he is now...really?

Is that where we're at now in 2020? Here's Tunde's part...

Here's Speedy's part...(1)

Part (2)


Tunde had no right to say what he said which provoked Speedy Darlington but all those threats and curses is just too much and uncalled for. I'm not a fan of Speedy and I only follow Tunde's IG page just for laughs. Whatever that transpired between these men shouldn't lead to insults and curses.

Speedy, just woosah...

👏Nobody 👏 made 👏 you 👏 who 👏 you 👏 are 👏 except  👏YOU!!! (and God...if you believe in Him) 😉


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