Grammy Awards 2020: The Real Reason Why Angelique Kidjo Won Instead of Burna Boy...His Reaction?

Granted! Burna Boy released a work of art in 2019. His fourth studio album 'African Giant' became the most-streamed album in Africa. Heck, the album also ranked number 11 worldwide in 2019. He was even crowned the African Artiste Of The Year 2019. Yet with all these accolades he lost the "Best World Music Album" Grammy category to African Legend, Angelique Kidjo? Why?

Angelique Kidjo released her album 'Celia' on April 19 2019. The album is a tribute to Celia Cruz, well-known vocalist from Cuba.

More about the album here. Her album is a fusion of Spanish rhythm with West African beats. Ms. Kidjo did justice to that album and I think that's what made her stand out (aside the fact that she is a living legend with numerous award wining albums). She stepped outside the box while still in the box.  You dig?

Both artistes are geniuses in their own right and both deserved the award but the best out of the two won which is the legend Angelique Kidjo.

Here's Burna Boy's reaction...

Always a good sport!

Listen to African Giant album...

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