Katy Perry in 'Never Worn White' shares pregnancy news

Katy Perry: "Never Worn White"
Also Katy Perry: *wears an elegant white gown (almost) throughout the duration of the song.*

That's a beautiful white dress right there. Katy does slow emotional music so darn well (check 'unconditionally') And that beautiful glow?

Katy opened up about the anxiety to love and marry again especially now that she found love with fiancé Orlando Bloom
I've never worn white, no
But I really wanna try with you
Yeah, I've never worn white
But I wanna get it right
'Cause you really wanna say "I do"
'Cause I do

This is an authentic love song done pretty well. Then that glow all over her turned out to her being pregnant with her first child with Orlando. *goose bumps*

I am so happy for her. Congratulations Katy Perry!

Enjoy "Never Worn White"

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