"Nicki Minaj is a Product of Lil Kim?"...Guess who has the last laugh?

Usher had a chat session with Swizz Beatz on Instagram Live and had this to say about Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj battle on Verzuz, and instagram show....

Well, fans of Nicki did not find the statement funny. Lil Kim's fans were in support of what Usher said. Basically, Usher reignited a longtime feud between the 2 talented female rappers. Here's some of the tweets.

This one...what? 

They are both talented rappers in their own right. All these comparisons makes no sense. They have both impacted in the hip hop world and should be commended for what they done. Celebrate both women. If not for God's mercy, these women or their fans, would not have existed. 

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