About me

“Music can change the world because it can change people.” 
― Bono

I love listening to music and I simply want music to have a positive impact on who or whomever that listens to it. Music should be meaningful to you and I. I think all artists and producers should think of ways to make their music have that lasting impact on their listeners.

I can't sing or write a song but I have a very good ear and a delightful soul that appreciates the creativity involved in making good music. I am here to review it so that some will have better understanding on what the are listening to. It's all about making the world a better place...through meaningful music.



*Fun Facts About the Author*

- A Faithful Catholic (with imperfections)
- An Avid Music Lover
- A Huge Football (Soccer) Fan #TeamBarca
- Loves to Visit New Places and Try Out New Stuffs
- A Great Listener
- Loves People with Positive Energy
- Can be Funny (sometimes)
- Forgets A lot! (might be a problem but working on it)
- Willing to Learn (same as No. 4)

Disclaimer: My posts are based on my views and opinions.